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New Momentum for Human Unity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established in 2006 to increase efforts for human unity. We are headquartered in Western Springs, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Our mission is to create a better life on and for this planet through the evolution of human consciousness and the transformation of human relationships, by encouraging mindfulness of our interconnection and by the power of selfless love.

Through films, books, meditation tools and events, New Momentum helps individuals and groups create inner shifts in awareness, perspective and motive. Our intention is that these shifts will lead to changes in the world, creating renewed and improved relationships with each other and the planet.

New Momentum’s logo is a symbol of the Energy at the center of the universe vibrating into new life.


New Momentum was begun by a group of friends – educators, artists, creative business administrators, writers and meditators – who are committed to help transform human life from violence, devastation and poverty to one of caring and peace.

Our founder, Francis Rothluebber heard about Auroville, an experimental city in Southern India founded on principles of shared leadership, sustainable development and new consciousness. Here, 2,000 people from 40 nations demonstrate what is possible when people commit to live together in unity beyond the boundaries of nation, religion and race that often separate us.

Francis was so intrigued, that she traveled from California with her dear friend,Joan Kaepplinger (now our Board Secretary), to get a first-hand experience. As a result of the trip, they were inspired to make a documentary film to tell the story of Auroville, the City of the Dawn.

Soon after, New Momentum for Human Unity was formed to support the fundraising and film production efforts of this amazing initial project. Since then, our energy has flowed into additional projects and events, all supporting and exploring the themes of human unity.





  1. Zackaria Moursi

    5 years ago

    I am a friend of Auroville and have been connected with Sri Aurobindo and Mother’s work for almost half a century: originally Egyptian, now living at the SASP in Lodi, California. I have translated a couple of compilations from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother; but the reader response has been minimal. I would like to approach my people through Auroville. Your “City of the Dawn” would be a great tool for that, if we could produce a version with Arabic subtitles and an Arabic introduction/commentary. Please let me know if such a project would interest you. My Skype name is Zackaria.moursi .Human Unity is the great lesson Arab need to learn.

    Deep appreciation for the work you do,

    • New Momentum

      5 years ago

      Zackaria, Thank you for your interest in City of the Dawn. Your request is in process. We’ll be contacting you soon. ~ Chris Buhrman

    • Chris Buhrman

      5 years ago


      Please contact me if you are still interested in moving your project forward.



  2. Marvin A. Hodges

    5 years ago

    A member of the Auroville community requested my research of aquaponics. I watched your video last night and was impressed by your work. Almost a year ago, I started researching aquaponics for my soon-to-retire daughter and delivered nine pages of references to sources of good information in August. My interest continues, and the open source “References” now totals more than 95 pages that I update monthly at no cost..

    Some advantages of aquaponics are:
    * Growing high quality vegetables and fruits at the family level,
    * Potential to eliminate mosquitoes in the surrounding area,
    * Save lives and provide food for the survivors, and
    * Teach a man to fish…

    Could you use this open source information in other areas?

    Send me an email address to receive the 95+ pages and a couple PowerPoint files with pictures rather than thousands of words. In addition to mosquito control, I have a file on family level potable water from the air. The Namibian Desert Beetle proves it can be done.

    Marvin A. Hodges
    San Diego, CA


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