Still life in late summer forest ~ Jeanne Rewa

I recently unexpectedly became jobless in addition to having no permanent home.  With my body and mind a jumble of conflicting emotions and runaway thoughts about the past and the future, I headed to the forest to seek the present.  After a brief session of seated meditation, I looked around from my favorite meditation seat (a mossy fallen tree) and reflected on the constant motion and fluidity of the forest.  Over the following couple hours, I wandered in the forest, focusing on staying present and being open to what the forest had to show me.  Any time I got in my mind that I was “looking” for something, the forest brought me back to the present by offering me something completely different and unexpected. “Still Life of a Late Summer Forest” resulted from my exploration.  Making this was a practice in being open and present, and left me feeling renewed and centered. The video now reminds me of the power of mindfulness.


Jeanne Rewa is a social and environmental justice activist, experiential trainer, and facilitator.  She explores spirituality with her partner Ben and has studied mindfulness meditation through the Shambhala Tibetan Buddhist tradition.  Find her on LinkedIn here: and her art here:

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