The Healing Power of Sound

Patricia Caldwell is a singer, song writer and Healing Sound practitioner. As a retreat facilitator, she uses voice and Himalayan singing Bowls to heal and inspire her audiences. Patricia has studied with Masters of Energetic and sound healing modalities from the U.S., Peru, England, Egypt, Nepal and New Zealand.
Her love of singing started as a young child when she sang with her dad. She longed to connect with him and was able to do that through singing and playing the ukulele. By the time she was nine years old, she knew hundreds of songs from the twenties, thirties and forties.
Patricia was active in chorus throughout high school until an incident in her senior year caused her to begin to withdraw her voice. This continued even after she married and co-created a horribly dysfunctional relationship. As the years passed, not only did she stop singing, but she also became overwhelmed by the fear of speaking and being seen in public.
Her whole life changed when her dad died in 1990. It was as though a heavy weight had been lifted from her shoulders. She felt compelled to sing again, so she decided to audition for a community chorus called The Park Forest Singers. In spite of her lingering terror of being seen and heard in public, Patricia managed to call up enough courage to audition and was overjoyed at being accepted into the group.
Performing with the Park District Singers was another life-enhancing experience on many levels. It gave her the opportunity to sing with the “protection” of the chorus around her and to eventually overcome the disabling anxiety attacks that plagued her when offered a solo. She remembers waiting for the song to begin. She felt breathless and choked by anxiety. She wasn’t sure any sound would come out, but there was nothing to do except surrender and turn the experience over to Spirit.
Even though, Patricia quit resisting fear and began to accept it, the feelings of terror didn’t completely leave her. Yet, when she opened her mouth to sing, an awesome sound billowed out with such a powerful resonance that at first it actually shocked her. With professional guidance and turning the fear over to Spirit, she reclaimed her voice, which also helped her to reclaim her life. During this journey, she discovered that sound can heal individuals, and it can also heal groups. Patricia believes, “If you stifle your voice, you no longer have access to the life force connected to it. As you start making sounds, any sounds, energy starts being freed up. You then have a bigger voice and access to more energy to create whatever you want.” Within a short period of time, she was able to leave her abusive relationship and begin a new life on her own.
She found that singing could lift her out of depression and raise her vibration. Having reclaimed her energy, she now shares it with others through music, her voice and the Himalayan Singing Bowls.
Commenting on a retreat Patricia had given, one woman said, “Participants in our conference, in both the Healing Sound Circles and individual sessions, were able to release deep and profound wounds after Patricia sang. Her pure heart and voice are blessings to all who experience her.”
 by Marge DeWig

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  1. Jen

    3 years ago

    An inspiring and enlightening article!


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