Companions ~ by Jennifer Hall

Editor’s Note: This painting by Jennifer Hall brings together so many of the themes we’ve explored these past months at New Momentum, and I’m grateful for her willingness to share it here.  She describes the process that brought this painting about, and it’s a beautiful example of the creativity that’s possible when we become still, turn in, listen, and trust:
Companions was painted in an intuitive way with no composition in mind before beginning.  I tried to stay in the present with the colours and mark making, not directing the process or ‘thinking ahead.’   It was a process of letting go each and every stage of the painting.  I had to say goodbye to colours and images I loved along the way while welcoming the possibility of what could come through as I stayed in the flow.  Letting go of the inner critic and its notions of what makes a pretty picture was an ongoing effort as I painted.  The images that did come through, then, feel like such a gift … they revealed themselves to me and have a life and presence of their own. I feel so thankful to have received their wisdom and companionship.
Jen is a graphic designer and Expressive Arts Therapy student living in Vancouver, BC.  Prints of Companions and some of her other paintings can be seen and purchased at

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  1. Chris Buhrman

    4 years ago

    That is an amazing painting. thanks for sharing!


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