NMFHU board elects new president.

On Saturday, January 18th, as part of the semi-annual meeting of the board of directors, New Momentum For Human Unity elected Sarah Stefanko as the organization’s new president. In addition to her role as the Editorial Chairperson for the group, Sarah will also be leading NMFHU into the future toward its goal of educating more and more members of the human family about the importance and the truth of our oneness.

Francis Rothluebber, the organization’s founder and president since 2006, continues to share her creativity and gifts with the group, and remains on the board as the Events Chairperson.

New Momentum for Human Unity is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization. Our mission is to create a better life on and for this planet through the evolution of human consciousness and the transformation of human relationships, by encouraging mindfulness of our interconnection and by the power of selfless love.

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