No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity Into Abundance ~ From Rosemary Hurwitz

Editor’s note: Rosemary Hurwitz recently called our attention to this book, which she co-authored.

They say everything happens for a reason, but when we’re in the midst of difficult times, that age-old saying can be difficult to believe… No Mistakes: How You Can Change Adversity Into Abundance features thirty inspiring personal stories, each contributed by a different author, that show how some of their darkest moments ultimately led to their greatest blessings, illustrating that synchronicities and miracles can be found even in the most heartbreaking situations.  The book offers readers a chance to look beyond the mentality of “why is this happening to me?” and instead invites readers to ask themselves “how does this situation serve my higher good?”

From Rosemary:
“It’s about experiences of transformation and deep growth for each author.  It shows how each of these individuals’ original difficult experience (the one that they wanted to run from and forget forever) becomes one of the most important gifts of their life.  In my case, the portal or opening of my experience of clinical depression as a college freshman taught me to live from the inside out, surrendering to my inner guidance in a way I had never done before.  This profound experience of a dark night of the soul taught me to nurture my emotional wellness and individual process toward wholeness, and to protect that connection.  It brought about my career change to life coaching, counsel, and to facilitate workshops for deepened self awareness, individuation and empowerment through the time-honored and revered Enneagram.  My chapter is The Call, which implies surrender, and a reverence for a quiet listening and following the Divine.”

No Mistakes, How You can Change Adversity into Abundance is available wherever books and ebooks are sold.

Rosemary Hurwitz, M.A.,PS  is an inspirational speaker and author who facilitates group workshops, and private consults for awareness and emotional wellness through the time-honored Enneagram. Faculty, Common Ground, Chicago, IL.

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