SURRENDER into the direction received: living like the wind


Sometimes it is the Only Way.

When we do not know what to do.

When the pain is unbearable.

When we are tired of struggle and suffering.

When we can’t deal with something any more.

When Nothing seems to be working.


And shift to what you want to experience.


Consider it done.

The Universe has your back.



Here are two paintings to express the concept. The Divine is Love and is You. Love carries us all. We can just fall into It.


Piercarla Garusi is a life coach and a painter and all her work is aimed at bringing about a change in the individual and the collective, from the level of Higher Consciousness. Her coaching work is focused of shifting back the Planet to Love and her Art work is focused on raising the Consciousness and Vibrations. She is currently working on an Art & Fashion Project, on an Art & Healing Project and on a Project to raise the Consciousness in London. She would love to have her paintings in public places to raise the Consciousness, so if you know a way, it is very welcome! You can view her paintings and find information on the projects and all the rest on And if you are interested in the coaching work, here is the website Many Blessings for All Things Good.

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